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273 W. Main Street, Meriden, CT 06451    


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Pawn Shop Cromwell CT

Your Go-To Pawn Shop in Cromwell, CT

Meriden Pawn brings quality goods and convenient services to customers in Cromwell, Connecticut! We have raise the bar in the pawn shop industry, offering superior customer service experiences and convenient financial support solutions to our clients.

Our Cromwell store offers an inventory of unique jewelry, an assortment high tech equipment, and fair value gold buying services. Meriden Pawn’s in-house financial services include loan brokerage, check cashing, and bill payment services so clients can close-out purchases on the spot. We offer the best market rates for gold buying and other goods, and clients can expect a to receive a warm welcoming experience with top tier customer service.

The Cromwell store team has a talent for finding the diamonds in the rough. Clients have a habit of undervaluing their dated possessions but our appraisers illuminate their true worth. Visit our Cromwell store today and turn the items that you don’t use into cash now!

Best Pawn Shop Cromwell CT

Are you Buying or Selling Gold in Cromwell?


Although we are known in Connecticut as the “king of gold”,we manage much more than gold. We buy and sell jewelry made from various authentic metals and valuable stones; gold, silver, platinum, copper, and more! Our Cromwell team will turn that old jewelry box collecting dust in your storage closet, into a lump sum of cash that you can use on something you need now. Bring in your items for an appraisal today!




Your old or broken gold jewelry could be worth much more than you think, gold is one of the few commodities that rarely goes down in value. Whether the economy is doing well or on the path to crash and burn, you can always get a great deal when trading in gold. Meriden Pawn has been leaders in the industry since 1995 and we are gold experts. We can guarantee that our Cromwell team will give you the best market value for your gold. Turn your old unwanted gold into new money with Meriden Pawn now!


Tech – computers, cell phones, audio-visual Check cashing services

Meriden Pawn is the place for you.

Meriden Pawn buys, sells, and provides pawn loans for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Stop by if you’re interested in buying or selling tech products. After a quick condition check, you could be walking out of the door with instant cash for your tech!

Sporting Equipment

Meriden Pawn buys, sells, and offers pawn loans all kinds of sports equipment.

From fishing equipment, golf clubs, baseball shoes, and more, Meriden Pawn is the place to buy or sell. If you have old sports equipment you no longer want or need we could offer you cash the same day.

Professional quality Tools

We’re buying and selling tools every day at Meriden Pawn

Are you a plumber, builder, or another contractor who’s looking to upgrade or pare down your toolset?  Meriden Pawn is buying and selling tools of professional-grade only.  We do not accept homeowner quality tools.  Some people believe pawn shops are the buyer of last resort.

Cromwell CT

Cromwell is a small bedroom community located in Middlesex County and just minutes from Meriden Pawn Shop. It is home to the Travelers Tournament on the PGA Tour.