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A Guide to Selling Electronics to a Pawnshop

Selling electronics to a pawn shop isn’t as easy as it sounds

If you need some quick and easy cash, and you have some electronics that you don’t use anymore or you can do without, you may consider selling them to a pawnshop. In fact, electronics are the most common items people sell at a pawnshop. That’s not necessarily because they need cash. They sell them because they have upgraded to better models and they want to get rid of the old ones. Or they’re cluttering their home. Read on to know more about the process. This simple guide is for anyone looking into selling

electronics for cash and at the best possible price:

Understand the difference between pawning and selling

When you give your electronic device to a pawn as collateral for a loan, it is called pawning. You can get a loan to the amount of value of the item as appraised by the pawnbroker. Once you payback the loan, you can get your item back. Selling electronics on the other hand, is a simple transaction wherein you give the electronic device to the pawnbroker in exchange of a mutually agreed upon amount.

Know what you can sell

You can sell any used electronic device at a pawnshop as long as it can be put to some use. Your grandmother’s 3 decades old television set may be very dear to you, but it may not fetch you anything. Even if the device is new but doesn’t work, the most the pawnshop can do with it is to sell its parts. Some of the most common electronics sold at pawnshops are laptops, smartphones, tablets, LED televisions, electric guitars, power tools, gaming consoles and more.

Know where to sell

Not all pawnshops are equal. So, look for a pawnshop in your neighborhood which is licensed, has a good reputation and offers great customer service. Call them and check if they will buy the product you wish to sell. There is no point carrying a huge television set or music system to a pawnshop just to find out that they can’t buy it.

Ensure that it is clean and presentable

Before you take your electronic device to the pawnshop, make sure it is absolutely clean and looking the best it could. External appearance does make a lot of difference when it comes to making an impression and pricing. If the buyer has to clean off layers of dust and smudges off your electronic device before it could be put up for further sale, they will offer a lower price than they would offer for a clean device.

Make sure you include all the parts

When you decide to sell an electronic device, you must try and include all the components and accessories that go with it. You can fetch a better price for the device if it is accompanied with all the necessary accessories than you would for the device alone. Some of the necessary components include cables, chargers, controllers, manual, console, installation software etc.

Delete your personal data

Before you take your phone, camera, laptop or tablet to the pawnshop for selling, make sure you wipe the device clean of all your personal data and transfer the data to another storage device. In the case of these devices, it is recommended that you perform a factory reset so that there is no chance of your personal data being compromised. The phone should be set so it can be directly sold to another customer.

Show its operational

Before selling electronics to a pawnshop, make sure it is working properly. Before the pawnshop buys your device, they would like to know if it works properly or not. You can expect a good price for your device only if it is perfect working order.

Once you have done all this, you can negotiate a good price with the pawnbroker. Make sure you do some research on the going rates of similar devices in the market so that you can negotiate better.

Do you have an electronic device to sell. Bring it to us and get the best prices in Connecticut.