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273 W. Main Street, Meriden, CT 06451    


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Brokerage Services

Quick and easy brokerage services

Our state-of-the-art pawn brokerage services are fully computerized using the best technology available in Meriden. This allows us to offer the fastest service possible when instant payment is in dire need or when it is time to divest your unwanted items. We do not require nor do we run credit checks on our customers, which brings them together with their money that much faster.

Paying attention to your needs

Need money but want to reclaim the item? We can help. Want to get rid of undesired items? We are here for you. No matter your needs, we are always willing to negotiate terms with you when we buy, sell or trade in Meriden.

Streamlined process

Our brokerage service process is very simple. Our clients bring in their items, along with a state issued ID. Once they enter, our friendly staff will fairly evaluate the items brought in based on the market value, the condition of the item and accessories with or without the item. Once we have presented our appraisal price, you may walk out the door with big bucks in hand. This won’t cost you anything besides time.

Don’t hesitate to come into our store in Meriden, CT and ask about our brokerage services. After all, you never know how much money you have to gain and what unwanted items you could lose. Call us today with any questions that you may have about selling your valuables!