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Gold Buying & Selling in CT FAQ

Questions many customers ask about gold buying and selling in CT

What kind of gold do you buy?

We buy all types as purity of gold from finished pieces to broken pieces.

  • 24K = 99.9% Pure Gold
  • 22K = 91.7% Pure Gold
  • 18K = 75% Pure Gold
  • 14K = 58.3% Pure Gold
  • 12K = 50% Pure Gold
  • 10K = 41.7% Pure Gold
  • 9K = 37.5% Pure Gold


How to determine gold purity?

You may find stamps or hallmarks on your jewelry or gold items.

GE = Gold Electroplate.  Gold is deposited onto a base metal (usually brass).  The minimum requirement to be classed as GE is 7 millionths of an inch with at least 10K gold on the plating.

GF = Stands for gold filled.  The gold is pressure bonded to the base metal.  GF must have a minimum purity of 10K and be at least 1/20th of weight of metal piece.

375 = Same as 37.5% or 9K

417 = Same as 41.7% or 10K

585 = Same as 58.5% or 14K

750 = Same as 75% or 18K

916 = Same as 91.6% or 22K

999 = Same as 99.9% or 24K



What is the minimum and maximum amount of gold I can sell?

There are no minimum or maximum amount we buy, we will buy any quantity.


Can I sell gold jewelry with diamonds or gemstones in them?

Yes you can!


What happens to items after they are sold to you?

If you sell your gold, you can not buy it back. If you pawn your jewelry or hard goods you have a thirty day return date.


How are gold items valued?

Similar to the oil industry, gold prices change every day depending on the market value.


How are my gold items tested?

We use the acid test to determine the level of gold purity.


 Are your prices guaranteed?

Market gold prices change several times per day.  Our price offer to buy your gold is valid until 4:30pm the same day.


When will I receive payment?

We can usually offer you cash on the spot.


Where will my items be stored?

Your gold items are stored in secure safes, with maximum security against burglary and fire.