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273 W. Main Street, Meriden, CT 06451    


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We Buy

If it has value, chances are we buy it!

Here are the types of products we buy most often:


The value of gold keeps rising. If you’re thinking about selling some of  your gold pieces, Meriden Pawn is your best choice. We are serious gold buyers. We will buy your excess gold and put valuable dollars in your pocket.

We feature a free no-obligation quote for your gold. Stop by with your jewelry and we’ll tell you what kind of money you can get.

Professional grade tools

If you’re a plumber, builder, electrician  or other contractor interested in paring down your tool set Meriden Pawn is the place for you. We buy tools of professional grade only.  We won’t accept low quality tools.  We value the high quality tools you surely invest in.  Pawning your tools is easier than you think, and it makes sense. Pawn shops are not the buyer of last resort. Meriden Pawn will give you fair value for your tools. Plus, if you change you mind and want your tools back, you’re not going to have to pay a lot extra to get them back. Find out how much cash you can get for your tools. Pay a visit to our pawnshop.


Meriden Pawn buys all sorts of electronic gadgets. You can bring in your laptops, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. If you’re thinking of selling your electronic products, stop here first. We will do a quick condition check. We consider age, hardware capability and cosmetic condition in our valuations; unfortunately we cannot accept all tech, even if it is working correctly. After we check your tech,  you may be walking out of the door with cash in your pocket for your phone, laptop etc. We accept most well-known brands. Some of the popular products we buy are  smartphones and games consoles. In the fall and winter we sometimes stock snow blowers.

Sports Equipment

From fishing equipment, golf clubs, baseball shoes and more, Meriden Pawn is the place to buy or sell. If you have old sports equipment you don’t want or need, bring in your item. We may offer you cash the same day. When considering to buy you’re old equipment, we consider the condition, brand and model of each item carefully.  Unfortunately we cannot offer cash for all sporting goods.