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Are Tools From a Pawnshop Worth Buying?

Buying Expensive tools at a pawn shop can save your plenty of cash

If you’re a Do it Yourself type of person and like fixing up your own, home, you will want to build up a nice collection of tools. A worthwhile tool collection for DIY home projects can get expensive at times.  When you don’t use the tools that often it can get even more expensive. Buying a tool on a one-off project may be necessary but also costly. Is there a way to reduce the cost of the tools that you’re not likely to use very often?

If you don’t want to spend too much money on a new drill, circular saw etc.. you can save a lot by going to your local pawnshop.

Do pawnshops sell power tools?

Hand tools for construction are often some of the most commonly sold items after jewelry and game consoles.  They hold their value well so owners are happy to sell them., That said, a previously owned tool can be a lot less expensive that a tool that is new.

Are secondhand tools any good?

Power tools are sturdy and robust. They need to be for certain types of construction work. Good brands are designed to last for many years. If you buy a tool second-hand you can likely get a few years use out of it. If you don’t use it often and maintain it properly, it could last even longer.

When you need a tool for a particular job, buying one from a pawnshop could even be cheaper. When you are finished with the job, you have the option of keeping it or selling it yourself.

How to inspect a tool in a pawnshop

Check for cleanliness – Inspect moving parts for dirt and grime that could affect movement.

Try it out – Don’t be afraid to ask to plug it in or run it off the battery if applicable.

Check the cables – Check any cables for fraying or parts that are held together by electrical tape.

Do your research before buying your tool

It’s always a good practice to do a little due diligence and learn about the tool you are thinking of buying. It is good to know about a model before you buy it; how long can you expect it to last, how reliable is it etc..?  Be prepared with some information before you go., Consumer Affairs is a good place to start.