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Best Things to Pawn in 2021

Need some cash? More space or both? Pawnshops are still a popular and viable option in 2021 – quicker and more convenient than selling on eBay and you have the option of getting your item back too.

What Can You Pawn in 2021?

Every pawn shop has its preferences, but most tend to accept a few of the same types of things. As long as your item is worth something, pawnshops probably accept it. Typically, these items are electronics, jewelry, musical instruments etc.

One critical thing to remember is that you have to show proof of ownership of the item. Pawnshops will not accept something that looks suspicious (like stolen items). Therefore, you have to bring receipts, proof of purchase, or any other relevant document.

Remember that the only way a pawn shop can make money is through selling the items or earning interest on the money loaned. As such, we can conclude that pawnshops want items that they can sell easily and quickly.

The following are some of the items to sell to pawn shops:

It is among the most popular items sold to and bought from pawnshops. Whether you have a ring, necklace, bracelet, or any other piece of jewelry, pawnshops will readily accept. Pawn stores will always be happy to sample old and new pieces of jewelry.

  • Fine Art

People usually value their art and can use it to get some money. Quality art pieces can earn you some good money from pawn stores. You only have to be careful to deal with a pawnbroker knowledgeable in art and experienced enough to value your art correctly.

  • Precious Metals and Stones

Diamonds and gemstones can be valuable assets on which you can derive some loans. The pawn stores usually have experienced individuals who can value diamonds and gemstones. To increase the amount on offer, you can bring along any certificates of value that you hold.

Gold is usually more valuable than silver. Gold is a luxury item that you can pawn regardless of its form – whether in its purest bar form or gold jewelry, even broken jewelry.  Gold is commonly accepted by pawnshops, but you may want to shop around to get the best rate.

  • Watches

As high-value items, fine watches highly desirable to pawnshops. You must however ensure that they are authentic and from reputable brand names. You may have a problem getting the pawnbrokers to accept other types of watches. Reliable brands that are typically accepted include Rolex, Chanel, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Cartier, and Breitling.

Almost everyone has a smartphone or laptop, and many replace them each year or two, so pawn shops know that have a big market to sell them to. You can always walk into a pawn store and cash in on your smartphone or laptop; provided it’s relatively modern and in working order. The good thing is that they keep it well, and once you refund the money, you will have access to your tech item.

Pawnshops usually see people bringing in sports and entertainment equipment. Some sports items can be very valuable; examples include Super Bowl rings, baseball shoes, golf clubs, and many others.

  • Collectibles and Antiques

If you have collectibles and antiques such as a piece of furniture you value as an antique, you may be able to pawn it when in need of extra cash. It is good to have provenance with you because the pawn store will not accept anything until they prove it belongs to you.

You can also take your collectible currencies and coins to a pawn store. They include rare paper money, silver dollars, American eagles, and half dollars.

  • Fine Wine

Both contemporary and vintage wines tend to hold their value well.  Some pawnshops will be interested in wines like Rothschild, Margaux, and Penfolds Grange.

What Will Pawn Shops Not Buy?

It is good to have information on the items that pawn stores do not accept. However, you can always contact the pawnshops and ask if they buy what you have. Some of the most common items that pawnshops do not buy include:

  • Guns – Some pawn shops accept them, but most won’t. You may have to contact the shop before walking in with the gun. It is good to be sure before you can head to a pawnshop holding a weapon.
  • Cell phones – Many pawnshops know that cellphones are cheaply available in thrift shops. Other items readily available in thrift stores are DVDs, video games, and expired car seats. Cell phones are also risky items since a lot of people steal them. Very few pawnshops accept cell phones.
  • Broken electronics – Before you take your electronics to a pawn shop, make sure that they are in working condition. Broken electronics cannot amount to anything. 3
  • Books and clothes – These will be hard to be accepted, except for valuable first edition books. Still, only a few pawn stores will accept these books.
  • Replica items – These include fake designer bags or fake watches.



How to Decide on What to Sell to Pawn a Shop

Deciding what to take to a pawn store should not be difficult since pawnshops can accept almost everything. It is up to you to decide the items that can get you the amount of money you need, create a list, and stick to it.

Usually, electronics are readily acceptable by pawnshops because they know that they can resell them easily. Also, if you have any gold bars or products, you can sell them readily. Even broken gold items get accepted by pawn stores because they can be smelted down and retain value.


You can readily get some money from pawnshops by cashing in on your valuable items. However, you need to assess the product you can sell off and the ones you can use to obtain a loan that you will refund and have them back. Before you can settle on one pawn shop, do your research and find one you can trust to give you a good price.