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Is it Worth Pawning Jewelry?

Questioning Pawning Jewelry


In need of cash and thinking about pawning some of your jewelry?  Over the years we’ve spoken to many people who are undecided if it’s right for them.  It’s not always an easy decision to make; sometimes the item holds sentimental value, you might be unsure if the pawnshop would offer you much or anything at all.

Before heading out you may want to consider a few things first:

Does it hold sentimental value?

If no continue to the next step, otherwise: You need to be confident you will be able to pay the loan back within the agreed time-frame otherwise the pawnshop will be within their rights to sell it.

Most reputable pawnshops keep items well secured  so you’re jewelry should be generally safe.  If you can definitely pay the loan back in time then it should be worth pawning it.


Is the money more important to you?

If your situation means the money is more important to you than getting the jewelry back then go ahead, it should be worth pawning for you.


Is it worth pawning watches?

It can be, most good pawnshops accept high-end watches from premium brands such as Breitling, Omega and Tag Heuer.  Some pawnshops may be more interested in more expensive luxury watches such as Rolex, they may not always accept these all the time.

If your watch has a high gold value such as 18K or 22K then it is likely to be worth pawning.  Equally many pawnshops also accept silver and would be interested in offering a loan for your pure silver watch.

It is more likely to be worth pawning watches if they also incorporate precious stones such as diamonds, quarters crystal, emerald and garnet.


Is it worth pawning costume jewelry?

Most pawnshops will not offer pawn loans for costume jewelry unless it’s antique or has precious stones in it.  It never hurts to ask just to be sure.  You could call the pawnshop to find out the likelihood that they would offer you a pawn loan for the jewelry.


To discuss pawning your jewelry in Meriden CT, give Meriden Pawn a call: 203-237-0899 home of the self-confessed “King of Gold”.