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Why Pawning Jewelry Is A Good Idea When You Need Instant Cash?

Pawning jewelry for instant cash in financial crisis

When you are in a financial crisis, and you need some instant cash, there are few places that can help. Your first option would be family and friends, but most people already have financial commitments and are unable to lend money. Moreover, financial dealings with loved ones can strain relationships. Banks and other financial institutions would be your next option, but when you need instant cash, banks cannot help. In such situations, pawning your possessions, especially pawning jewelry can be a good idea. Here are some key reasons why pawning jewelry is a great way to raise instant cash: 

Quick processing 

When you are in need of instant cash, the quickest you can get it is by pawning something of value. The jewelry that is lying around can be put to good use by pawning it and getting the money you need in return.

You can get a reasonable value of your jewelry as cash instantly. The pawnshop would evaluate your jewelry and, based on a professional appraisal, offer you money for it. There is no complicated paperwork involved. All you need to do is walk into your trustworthy neighborhood pawnshop with your jewelry and a photo ID and walk out with cash in a matter of minutes.  

You don’t lose your jewelry forever 

We understand that there is often a lot of emotional value attached to jewelry, and it is very hard to part with it. However, with pawning jewelry, you have an assurance that your jewelry is still yours, and you can get it back once you return the loan amount. The pawnshop would keep your jewelry safe until you return their money as per the pre-decided schedule. Even if you fail to keep up the payment schedule, the pawnshop would inform you before putting up your items for sale.  

Professional appraisal process 

When you decide to pawn your jewelry, you should stay assured that you will get a reasonable value for the jewelry items you hold dear. For example, gold jewelry is evaluated based on its purity and weight. The pawnshop will check the purity and weight of the gold and then evaluate it based on the going rate of gold on a particular day.

 You cannot obviously expect to get the full price as the pawnshop has to take into account several other factors. Also, remember, there is always some room for negotiation. If you feel that the price they are quoting is unfair, you can try to negotiate a better deal.  

Doesn’t affect your credit rating 

When you pawn your jewelry, the pawnshop does not conduct any credit checks. Hence, when you raise money by pawning your jewelry, your credit rating is not affected.

In fact, even if you have a poor credit rating and banks and other financial institutions have refused a loan, you can still get the money you need by pawning your jewelry. Your credit rating does not matter, and there will be no impact on your credit rating whatsoever.  

Hassle-free instant cash 

The whole process of pawning jewelry and getting instant cash is extremely easy and hassle-free. As we said earlier, there is no paperwork involved, and you get the money instantly. Depending on the pawnshop you choose, the repayment schedules are also designed, keeping in view that most people who seek such loans are going through financial hardships.   

If you need instant cash and you have jewelry that you can part with for some time, visit our pawnshop to get the best deal on it. Our experienced staff will assess the value of your jewelry and offer you a fair price. In addition, we ensure complete confidentiality and security of your jewelry while it is in our possession.”