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The Most Pawned Items in 2020

People pawn items for several reasons. Sometimes people want to dispose of unwanted or unneeded items are hoping to get some cash back when they let them go. Others may need cash fast and will “loan” an item to a pawn shop with the hope that they can get it back before it goes on sale. Regardless of the reason, people visit pawn shops to sell all kinds of things, from sporting goods to fine jewellery. Here is a list of the most pawned items in 2020.

most pawned items
Old unwanted jewellery is often pawned for extra cash

Most pawned items in the US – 2020

Below are the most pawned items that pawn shops love and that are sure to get you an offer.

1. Jewellery

Among all the things that Americans prefer to loan or sell, when they need cash, jewellery tops the list. Jewellery is the most sought-after item in the world, especially if it’s made of gold, silver, or platinum. In addition to serving as an luxurious accessory, it is considered a valuable asset and great investment to have and hold. Gold is considered one of the safest investments, recovering its value swiftly through economic slumps. Its price often tracks in opposition to stock market or economic swings.

Selling jewellery can be difficult for many due to emotional attachments some people have to it. But, if you find yourself in a bind, jewellery made of precious metals and stones will help you get a large lump of cash. If you’re thinking of selling your gold, visit our store. We will offer the best price possible.

2. Sports Equipment

Sports equipment comes next on the list of most pawned items. Jerseys, equipment, and sports collectibles can be expensive when purchasing new. But people will pay a fair price for used sports equipment and collectables in good repair

3. Electronics

Consumers are always on the lookout for bargains when it comes to expensive items like electronics. As consumers upgrade their devices periodically, they usually bring their old devices to the shop to earn some dollars.

Electronics are always in high demand as people seek out second-hand video games, televisions, stereo systems, mobile phones, and more.

4. Musical Instruments

If you are fond of musical instruments and if you want to upgrade your collection, then pawning your old instruments and using the cash to buy new ones can be a great option.

Musical instruments, such as guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, and more, have earned a place the most pawned items list.

5. Power Tools

Whether you have a power drill, bandsaw, or air compressor laying around, power tools are one of the best items to pawn for quick cash. Keep in mind that the better condition your tool is in, the more money you will get for it. When you take your tool to the pawnshop, make sure the item is clean of oil, dirt, sawdust, or other filth. The equipment should be in tip-top condition for display. Power tools are usually built to last long, but they do not come cheap; This makes second-hand equipment of high interest to a wide proportion of the public.

It is normal for people to pawn their items from time to time. Whether you need some quick cash or simply want to declutter your home or garage. At Meriden Pawn, we understand your needs. We evaluate your items so that you can get the best offer and instant cash.

Do you have old or broken gold that has been sitting in your box for years? Sports equipment sitting around in the garage. Power tools you no longer need or electronic equipment a version or two too old? We can help you turn those unwanted items into cash that can be used for any reason. Stop by today and you can get cash for gold! We are one of Connecticut’s premier gold buyers! But we also buy, sell and pawn a wide variety of items.

We are your go-to pawn shop in Connecticut. Let us help you today.